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Serving The Youth of Idaho

Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation

Building a solid foundation for high school activities in the 21st century.

Mailing Address: Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation, Inc. 8011 Ustick Rd. Boise, ID 83704

Executive Director: Dick Curtis

Phone: (208) 559-1360

Email address: yea@idhsaa.org

Web Site: www.yeafoundation.org


Board of Directors:

Dist. I:   Tom Albertson                   tom.albertson@lposd.org                  208-263-3034

Dist. I:   Chad Summers                 chad.summers@avistacorp.com       208-255-9175

Dist. II:  Brad Baumberger              bbaumberger@sd305.org                 208-407-2470

Dist. II.  Lynn Moss                          lmoss@cableone.net                         208-791-5846

Dist. III: Jon Ruzcika                        jon.ruzicka@boiseschools.org          208-854-4000

Dist. III: Dr. Roger Reynoldson        rogerrr@uidaho.edu                          208-722-5038

Dist. III: Skip Smyser                       skipsmyser@lobbyidaho.com            208-342-0777

Dist. III: Teresa Fabricius                 tfabricius@fruitlandschools.org         208-452-3595

Dist. III: Skip Pierce                          skipandlindalee@msn.com               208-861-3122

Dist. IV: Denton Darrington                                                                         208-312-2413

Dist. IV: Greg Lowe                          gmlowe@sd232.k12.id.us                  208-536-2418

Dist. V:  Sheryl Brockett                   brockesh@d25.us                              208-251-0019

Dist. V   Gail Siemen                        monskifish@q.com                             208-233-1725

Dist. VI: Monte Woolstenhulme        mrw@d401.k.12.id.us                        208-228-5923

Dist. VI  Gordon Woolley                  ggwoo@silverstar.com                       208-354-2765

Dist. VI Doug Sakota                        niceguy10@yahoo.com                      801-298-3636

IHSAA   Ty Jones                             jonest@idhsaa.org                             208-375-7027

About Us

The Youth Endowment for Activities is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit foundation of the Idaho High School Activities Association. The foundation was incorporated in December 1986.

The Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation, Inc. (YEA) has a Board of Directors with no fewer than thirteen... MORE

Quick Contact

Mailing Address: Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation, Inc. 8011 Ustick Rd. Boise, ID 83704

Phone: (208) 559-1360

email address: yea@idhsaa.org