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Serving The Youth of Idaho

Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation

Building a solid foundation for high school activities in the 21st century.

Corporate Donors

Corporations can help

  • A corporation may help area schools in its locale by specifying that its donation be given as credit toward vestment accounts of specific schools.
  • A corporation executive may choose to have an alma mater receive the credit.
  • A corporation may provide for a matching donation to the amount a school might raise. Consider a pledge over a period of time-$1000 a year for three years, for example.
  • The YEA fund not only helps a designated school, but every school in the State of Idaho because the donation increases the fund globally. Many high schools in the state are not privileged to have a large corporation in their community.

Golden components

  • Donations will never be spent – only the interest
  • Eligible for the 50% Idaho Tax Credit and federal and state
  • Provides a lasting legacy to Idaho schools and students
  • School leaders and the private sector working together to solve a problem

“All the world is a stage”
“Students who participate in high school activities become role models for the younger generations”

About Us

The Youth Endowment for Activities is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit foundation of the Idaho High School Activities Association. The foundation was incorporated in December 1986.

The Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation, Inc. (YEA) has a Board of Directors with no fewer than thirteen... MORE

Quick Contact

Mailing Address: Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation, Inc. 8011 Ustick Rd. Boise, ID 83704

Phone: (208) 375-7027

email address: yea@idhsaa.org